2009-01-15 01:37:57 ET

today i heard mike oldfield, tubular bells. i liked it as kid and heard it all the time in the nights, it calmed me

2009-01-15 03:39:23 ET

good stuff

2009-01-15 07:51:22 ET

now iīm listening to beasty boys-the in sound from way out, thatīs funky and sixties style, not normal for the beasty boys, but great!! i love it

2009-01-19 11:36:04 ET

"The In Sound From Way Out" is mostly composed of instrumental tracks that had already been released on other Beastie Boys albums. I think only two tracks are unique to that album.
Last year, or the year before, they released another album, entitled "The Mix Up." This album is entirely composed of new instrumental tracks. I recommend it highly.

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