2009-01-22 01:07:47 ET

just the neighbour from over me knocked at my door and asked me, if i would have a disco opened here!
since one month they would understand every text, and if it would be his taste, it would be too loud.
i had to go upstairs with him to listen, i heard a little bass.
i said sorry and made out the music, i tried to listen with the headphone, i have for my guitar, but itīs too short, when i sit on the table, on couch it will work.
i think i hve to go for checking out my ears, cuz tv is not so loud since a few weeks, omg!
but maybe it was the loudness button and too much bass, and i loved to heara little bit louder.
he and his gf have to learn, so i will be nice.

2009-01-22 01:14:52 ET

stick a pistol in the front of your pants next time. he might call the cops, but he won't likely come back next time.

2009-01-22 02:08:49 ET

hahaa!thanx! i have a plastic-pistol! she looks like a real one

2009-01-22 02:14:16 ET

i just tried it in front of the mirror, it looks brutal, but cool!

2009-01-22 04:07:15 ET

yeah. i had to get the scientologists and mormons to leave me alone somehow.

2009-01-24 13:22:05 ET

Hehe...oh, the joys of living with other people nearby. Sometimes...you have to have loud music. That is the way it is.

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