damn, money is the shit!
2009-01-26 03:43:58 ET

we had a great weekend witout money, only a little bit.
carsten gave me a few euros for buying tabac, although he is straight edge for 13 years!
this morning i had been in the whole city, for selling cdīs and books, but nothing.
in one bookstore i have now a date for june! by phone.
soon iīll go to a lp-shop to sell my jimy hendrix, it hurts, and i dunno, if he would buy it, but i think itīs better to go personelly than on phone.
wish me luck!

2009-01-26 04:03:11 ET

Good luck!

I do not like doing business with the phone. I try to do that in person when I am able.

2009-01-26 08:08:07 ET

yeah, it was good to do it in person with the lp-shop.
he had no money, too but he took few lpīs from me and gave me ten euro, normally he gives 50 cent per lp.
so, better than nothing .

2009-01-27 21:09:32 ET

Best of luck to you. :)

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