no $
2009-03-02 01:48:13 ET

my "garage"-sell was bad. it rained all day, and only 2 ppl were looking, but nobody bought anything, at 2 we gave up.
but i can sell the bike i found, to the girl with the dog, and she gives me the dog at wednesday for 3 hours, for to see how it is when sh´s not there. on friday she was here with jack, the dog, and the cats were in my sleeping room, but they took food from anni and had a look at the dog. so we will see.
the little job in the dayandnight clinic´s clothes-shop is nice. tomorrow and thursday i´ll be there again.
today i paid my telephone and internet bill, but the next one will come in a few days. so i have only 100 euro for this month, but a little bit more for dogsitting, when it goes on, and a little bit of the other little job. and maybe anni gives me 20 euro for the bike, when she takes it.
otherwise i´ll have to ask my father, if he could give me the half of birthday-money in april now. but that´s not so easy. because he gives money to my daughter every month, too.

2009-03-02 02:12:14 ET

money is so frustrating sometimes x_x

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