last weekend
2009-03-08 21:35:39 ET

we couldnīt get in to the poetry-slam, there were too much ppl, and we were too late. but we went back to a pub named "riptide". there was a two-man-band "supershirt", and they made a cool show.
itīs a nice pub,one of te "brain"-djīs and a friend of him do that, and they are very kind ppl. you can buy lpīs there and they have vegan burgers and so on. they opened 1 and a half year, and it was the first time, i was there.
and in the comic-shop next door i found 3 enki bilals. maybe carsten gives me one of them for my birthday next month.
the weekend with the dog was nice, we walked a lot, but the cats were not amused. i hope theyīll get used to it. but jack wonīt be so often with us, cuz she has another sitter in her near, and jack will be some weekends and some evenings with us.
today i have a free day, maybe iīll go to the "psycho-cafe" in the afternoon.

2009-03-11 15:15:17 ET

sounds like good times (:

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