back on the ground
2009-03-16 22:45:10 ET

iīve canceled the house-concert with luthea salom. i talked about it with her, when i was manic, now i feel unable to make a nice event of it.
thatīs so bitter, but i know this feeling.
and i can be proud, that i donīt had to go to hospital this time.
although luthea is unhappy now. but sheīs a strong person, and i have to look, that i donīt do too much.
better a normal, boring life with tv, than clinic all the time.
last time iīve been in clinic three years ago and i donīt wanna be there anymore!

2009-03-24 12:35:35 ET

i had a crazy episode recently, i kno how u feel.


2009-03-24 14:42:33 ET

thank you,klemmy!
i just felt so bad im bed, everything was grey and iīm ashamed about my whole situation, than i thought to write about "tristesse" on sk, found your message and feel a little better.
think i have to take antidepressiva again, just took one i had in my medicine, without talking to my doc about it.
iīm fucked off that play

2009-03-25 14:12:59 ET

you're welcome girl. anytime u need to let out the stuff, u could always email me or something. i think its time i made a gary numan sad gothy album lol.

2009-04-21 15:53:25 ET

miss you! update sometime <3

2009-04-27 11:19:54 ET

thanx. sometime i had a short look on sk and thought i had nothing to say...
hope you feel good.

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