twenty days straight edge
2009-04-27 15:39:33 ET

but last evening i couldnīt stand it sober and had a few beer and some cigarettes. then i wanted more, to be real drunk, but didnīt do that, went to bed with a good book.
couldnīt sleep, so iīm here again!
wanna say hello to my buddies and wish that the sun will lighten up the darkness a little bit.(hope nobody will get the pig-influenza)

last month i forgot to hear my loved music, had a lot of bad tv, wasnīt often in net, only to play some games for my brain. because of that i was reading more.
tuesdays and thursdays i "work" in the clothes-shop of a psycho-clinic for a little money that helps. it should be good for me to have contact to the ppl there, and i like a few much, but most time there is depressing and boring. i cannot expect to get another, real job
that doesnīt matter, i try to make the best of it.

wasnīt out for more than a month. thursday kiste and i want to go to cinema, a film about punks in a village in the eighties, like our youth

tattoos: a few coulered stars and a madonna/maria on my arms, which was not so clever because of the sun and so i have to wear longsleeves the next time and kiste has to work on the maria again.

2009-04-27 15:45:24 ET

nice to read an update from you <3

2009-04-27 16:26:30 ET

good to hear from you...(:

2009-04-27 21:17:48 ET

Yay you're alive!! :)

2009-04-28 20:35:40 ET

as i live and BEEP!

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