solidarity is possible
2009-06-03 08:41:20 ET

today i worked at "psycho-cafe" and had good talks with two other "psycho-mums". first one of them talked to me about her "interims-lover". this was the second time she talked with me about that. and i thought she didnt like me. but we know each other for such a long time that we accept each other for now. and we both got our children when we were young, so we had the same problems with the grandmas and so on...
in a bigger round we talked about the view normal ppl have of psychotics,
and that in tv the most murderers and so on have psycho-problems.
but the most of us are very peacy, sensible persons with a thin skin.

so i felt ok to be there today, and we had sth to laugh, too.

here i feel ok the most time, too, and would like to write much more, but my simple school-english , you know.

2009-06-03 15:32:25 ET

yeah...i think the media does a really bad deed of spreading stereotypes that are bought into by most of society today, and it's unfortunate. i don't think anyone is defective. we just live in a system that caters to very specific mindsets, and those mindsets are in many ways more unhealthy and detrimental than ones that are referred to as 'psychotic' and 'insane'. it's really sad. but some of us can still work towards change and making things better...

2009-06-08 13:09:48 ET

i wrote a lot, but cancelled it, sorry!

2009-06-15 04:07:29 ET

bear in mind that when people are thinking about "psychotic atcs", they're actually thinking about "psycopathic acts". even after knowing the difference, they'll still look at us cross-eyed. wankers. i'll take a room full of people and stuff it into their mind for a week, see how they like it.

2009-06-15 12:27:58 ET

psycho mums u that a flower that kills or a new type of music? lol jk

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