2009-07-10 10:07:59 ET

to myself..., cause i went swimming again this week, also it was cold, but in water it was great, i love it!
i made exercises for nearly one hour, and you know, im dipolar, but this summer is great without beeing manic, i love it

and my daughter got the gift to her birthday on saturday, to go on vacances to croatia with the family of her bf. she worked hard on her studies, and im very happy, that my daughter is intelligent, she learned spanish in her youth, and she learned to speak english and frensh
in school, she gives lessons in spane now and she makes lot of sports, i dont know, its not from me...
but i know, she likes reading, cause i read a lot when she was a child

2009-07-10 12:06:06 ET

good to hear things are going well (:

2009-07-10 12:12:32 ET


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