party autonomously
2009-07-20 08:55:15 ET

saturday we went to "nexus" an administrated place of events. there was a "sommerfest" for free.
first we saw 3 guys with a trolley full of percussion, that was great! even the kids there had fun with them, a little girl took the micro and entertained the ppl.
then 2 slammer from münster gave it´s best, very funny!
later 2 bands played, we saw one of them, carsten knows te guitarman, and the singer was a great entertainer, too.

we had a nice time, and i felt ok without alcohol. met a few ppl, and shaked my ass a little bit to the music.

on sunday we had a long walk, carsten invited me or an italian lunch-dinner and on sunday evening thee was a good tv-film and he massaged my feet nearly for an hour.

how great life can be with the right man, sometimes...

2009-07-20 12:52:14 ET

yay (:

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