2009-07-26 05:12:25 ET

last night was the first time, i saw my lover with a band, it was only a private birthday party at AAīs, but it was great.
the 3 of the band are all great musicians.

and then we had a great night and morning! :)

2009-07-26 21:57:27 ET

good times

2009-07-27 12:57:32 ET

yeah! thx! youīre the only one who answers my entries for the most time, hope you have no problems on sk, cause of beeing my friend.
wish you all the best, thx for being my oversea-friend!
listening to sonic youth now, they are my favoured for years

2009-07-27 16:08:29 ET

i often read even if i don't always comment (:

2009-07-28 01:14:49 ET

i was drunken when i wrote the last with the problems, itīs shit.
i often read the otherīs pages, without commenting, too

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