too old to rockīn roll, too young to die
2009-11-09 13:19:03 ET

just had a look on "innerbeauties" page, and realized, she is just in the age of my daughter, so what am i doing here???
wish you all the best, goodbye, love, susanne

2009-11-09 13:57:25 ET

what are you talking about? there are a lot of older folks on subkultures. Gryfin knows who most of em are. but besides that, since when does age even matter that much?

2009-11-09 15:04:15 ET

age is not important. stay.

2009-11-09 15:44:07 ET

The untrustables list is to be found on Dr. Cates page.

2009-11-10 19:09:52 ET

Don't leave!

2009-11-12 07:22:19 ET

yeah, thx to you all, i was just a dramaqueen that night, when i posted that shit.
i wonīt leave, i love and need sk! itīs my sun sometimes.
and btw, when i lost my cat mini, sk-ppl were the only one who said some nice words, only one of my myspace-friends said sth nice to me

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