some good news
2009-11-23 10:14:46 ET

a while ago i got in contact with "the hog farm" on myspace, i told carsten, my love, cause hes a musician, and the hogfarm is a platform for ppl who make music, lables etc.
last weekend carsten got the message, that he is "a featured artist" on their page with his musicpage, "kiste", and with a lovesong (bohemian girl), he made for me, so we were a little happy.
it wont mean, hell get a lable or sth, but its great, that he got featured on an american page with a german song!
cause in the last years he worked so much in music, made a lot of songs, many of them for me, but to any other themes.
so im a little proud...

2009-11-23 10:32:31 ET


2009-11-23 11:27:39 ET

oh, statistic, i wasnt on your page for a while, nice to hear from you! i will have a look now!

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