so tonight is special...
2009-12-28 10:23:13 ET

..cause i´m alone after being with my love for nearly one week, saw my family, met the bf of my dauhgter, and his parents.
btw, my daugher´s bf is a very shy person, and i had my problems with my father and his new wife, but now eveything is ok, i´m watching the opera "fidelio" by beethoven on tv, listening, enjoying..
so i can relax a few days, and new years eve is a party, carsten´ s band is playing, and that´s ok cause the last new years eve we spent at home because of the cats-but i think it´s ok to leave them alone for a few hours, i would like to party this year, we´ll see...

wish you all a very good new year!

2009-12-28 10:58:08 ET

Happy holidays and happy new year!!

I feel like your English has gotten much better over the past couple of months. Have you been working on it?

2009-12-28 12:50:44 ET

woot (:

2009-12-30 21:00:39 ET

intruesiive: thank you! no, i did nothing, only reading a lot of sk, but it could be much better.

turbo: i wish you a very cool event this night, you´ll make it right!

2009-12-31 00:32:23 ET

(: thanks i'm hoping it goes well

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