hi again
2010-03-30 21:40:45 ET

the last time i wrote -for me spectaculair-little stories about my manic-and psychotic times on my blog at my space.
and old and new poems.

found a lot creative ppl there, and laughed a lot aboout stupid little things, most time about a punk dj from the north, he is as insane as i, and his friend, too. so we catch the same kind of humour.

one writer from the west invited me to come to her event, she asked her friend in my near to take me with him in his car.

thatīs would be a good way, to get out of my city for a weekend, but i feel a little scared about it. and the same weekend will be a nice event in my town.

you have to know, we are at home the most time, and some days i have real problems to leave my home.

i donīt know. weīll see...

"the" shorty became a big catman, with muscles and shiny seal?

and "the old lady" yecim is in a better mood again. sometimes she needs much sleep and i thought, she was a little "dement" but now itīs ok with her again.

i wrote a letter to my dad, but got no response, but i have bithday in one week, so maybe, heīll visit me for coffee and cake, to have a look on my new carpets.

i like my flat now much more, my living-room looks like a chill-out-lounge

home, sweet home-itīs my "elfenbeinturm"

2010-03-31 11:32:20 ET

always nice to have a nice place to live (:

good to see you updating ^_^ sounds like you have a lot of potential things happening.

happy early birthday, too (:

2010-04-01 10:24:37 ET

thx! :) weīre just watching sth in tv about sneakers and b-boys. itīs too funny!

2010-04-01 12:48:52 ET


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