so what?
2011-07-14 08:45:19 ET

ot was a long time i didnīt posted here sth, but there was a long time between, my netbook was out of order, then i still listened to music on myshit and postet a lot of shit there, (but i wrote a maybe sf there-"2021! and "2031"-you, who are my friends on that shit must translate it, if you are interested, maybe i try to write sth intersting lyrics here sometimes, if i write a better english ever.

and what happened in my life, the dogsitting is the best job iīve ever had, sometimes the owner of the dog are not at home for a week or so, so i can live my life, sleep longer and i went to two cool punkevents on my homecity in a very nice selfmadeventplace, where i was years ago in contact, and i know the ppl there. thatīs a nice place to have cheap international punkbandevents.

and i painted a lot at home, and in a group, and somewhere i shouldnīt talk about-;D

2011-07-14 10:05:27 ET


Glad to see you're back!

2011-07-14 11:05:13 ET

thank you!!īnice to meet you again!

2011-07-14 11:24:40 ET

Nice to see you post again!

2011-07-14 11:53:39 ET

welcome back! :D

2011-07-14 13:50:05 ET

Welcome back!

2011-07-14 14:47:25 ET

good to hear life has been well for you! (:

2011-07-14 20:45:20 ET

hey, thank you all for the nice welcome-back-wishes!

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