hi guys!
2011-10-03 09:35:55 ET

hey hallo again, hope youīre all ok.
i am. live vegan now for maybe 5 or 6 weeks, lost weight; although i didnīt recognized it by myself, but a few ppl, who saw me after this time, told me, i would look thinny. got new clothes, and some free time, felt free and good on my bycicle today, on my way to my lowbudjetjob and back, so i can imagine still to be sexy and i hope i can save this feeling for sometime.

today in germany is this day to celebrate the "unique" of the 2 states of germany; if this is really a day to make party, i donīt know, capitalism is growing and so on.

just wanted to tell you, if i said a few years ago, that i donīt know, if it makes any sence, when obama came. sure, i was happy, that fucking bush wasnīt there. thatīs true, and i was happy about obama,

but i know about your situation now, the poorer get poorer and the rich get more rich, thatīs it-

i try to learn from socialistic newspapers a little, often i buy some to be still involveld but the most important thing is love.
and peace and happiness

i cannot really explain my mind but i hope the world would be a better place for all people in future, that is whatīs in my mind.

2011-10-03 19:55:31 ET

hi (: economics are a convoluted thing. i think a lot of things over here are continuing to change for the better and it's not always that dire. just imperfect. the world's still a beautiful place. nice to know you're still around (:

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