2005-08-21 05:02:44 ET

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I went for a drive in the morning for nearly 2 hours, it gave me a headache which lasted all day. I felt dizzy all day too. Sucks. My aunt came over around 1:30 and we got a messenger bag and schoo' supplies for moi and we had supper and then she left.

Last night I gave Peanut and Stevie (my two dogs, pictures are in the gallery over thurr) a bath together, moved my laptop and shit into my room and cleaned like crazy, found my learning package for Inclusions and cleaned out a drawer.

Today I gotta cut the grass, go driving, clean the computer room since I left it messy, make supper, go driving AGAIN and I guess that could be it?!

2005-08-21 05:28:25 ET

Don't run yourself too ragged, hun!

2005-08-21 07:40:20 ET

One thing that really bothers me about messanger bags: they make my shoulder hurt. And it sucks because I like them!

2005-08-21 20:28:08 ET

Aww, your dogs are cute! I have dogs too. :) Pictures in my galleries.

I have to cut my grass too.

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