2005-08-25 14:19:45 ET

I got insurance yesterday and got to drive without my step dad riding shotgun! Thus far I've taken Nana and Mom to my papa's grave, cleaned it off 'cause they cut the lawn and it was covered in grass, took them to my aunt's near Turkey Point and took Mom to the store for her. I'm heading over to my friends place tomorrow and she's going to wax my brows and I'm going to buy some clothes.

I gotta go to the school Tuesday and I'm so effin' excited, even for that silly meeting because A) I actually get to drive myself there and B) I'm that much closer to getting ECE finished.

Dogs need baths, gotta go.

2005-08-25 14:25:50 ET

Take yourself out for a congratulatory spin, if you haven't yet ;) Perhaps a trip to Sonic?

You've got the neatest pets, btw ;)

2005-08-25 15:25:40 ET

Have a crazy time driving you speed demon you!

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