bang bang robbers and guns
2007-11-29 17:20:45 ET

lots of guitar hero.
lots of lounging around.
lots of fixed viruses.
lots of missing programs...
lots of tim & eric.
lots of glasscandy.
lots of getting dolled up for nothing.

i have to move my carrrrr! stupid street sweeping.

2007-11-29 19:06:34 ET

Doo Dah DOo DOo.

2007-11-29 23:07:37 ET

i wanna meet that dad!

2007-11-30 05:08:36 ET

why are they street sweeping if you don't have any snow?!?!?

2007-11-30 07:06:56 ET


2007-11-30 09:42:28 ET

ya, a buttload of leaves. they've been clogging the drains for 2 months now.

2007-11-30 11:51:16 ET

crazy! We don't have lots of leaves where I live :(

2007-11-30 12:19:23 ET

They come by pretty early where I live to clean up leaves out of the street. It's fucking loud.

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