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 getting sick of everything in portland    2008-01-14 15:09:20 ET
i'm so totally emo right now, i shouldn't even begin making an entry.
it was supposed to be sunny all week but alas, typical mid-winter weather is storming the sidewalks of portland. rain rain rain, sleet, snowflake, more rain.
the only thing able to console me is that delicious pad se ew from thai peacock i had for lunch, south park zone, and my old man sweater.
on the upside, i did get some cute notebooks for school from UO and made a dentist appointment.
i think i'm going to go hit up william temple house for some useless crap i don't need instead of doing my homework.

 so here's the thing    2008-01-06 15:42:23 ET
even though i'm allergic to them, i like cats.
i also happen to like the environment.
but what's really gross is when people come through my line and are all like, "YA I BROUGHT MY OWN BAGZ" and they're COVERED in light fluffy cat hair.
a) consideration plz: i can feel the fluffy hair allergens irritating my face and i'm rubbing my nose raw like every 2 seconds so it looks like i'm on coke. as much as they'd like to be, not everyone can be a cat person. :{

b) it's your food i'm putting into those bags. cats are really dirty little creatures. how about a salad with a light rotten rat seasoning? or how about a ham-butthole sandwich? yum.

 juno    2008-01-05 19:00:34 ET
wasn't so great. i think i would have thought it a little better if i would have been able to watch it in the comfort of my own home without the gaggle of 40 somethings who had to laugh at EVERY single joke (of which there were far too many,) and go AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW whenever there was a cutsy scene.


um, and it was just kind of weird. there was this kind of odd attraction between juno and the adopting father. pedophile alert.

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