BRB GUYZ    2008-01-01 22:54:13 ET
midnight photo session with my diana + and nikkon fm2!

also there are a few people that frequently shop at the store where i work that i wouldn't feel any remorse if they died. i really wish they would. there has got to be some serious bad karma waiting to explode on me. i'm horrible. i always catch myself wishing bad on people i.e getting in car wrecks, ugly babies, loss of limbs.


 lame    2007-12-29 22:32:11 ET
i think i have a minor sinus infection.
fucking lame.
and i have to work a 7-4 which usually isn't so bad because it goes by so fast, i just really hate waking up so damn early and since i'm sick i should be sleeping the day away.


 who likes to laugh?    2007-12-22 19:19:33 ET
i know i do.

funniest shit ever.

admittedly, you have to read a few before you get into the whole do and don't groove.

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