finals start tomorrow    2007-12-10 18:44:24 ET
design and propaganda 8:00am
anatomy and movement 10:15am
sociology 12:30pm
interactive authoring 5:30pm

tonight will be aggressive studying tactics accompanied by a hearty bowl of tofu and rice.

who wants to take my anatomy final? LOADS of fun.

 junk junk junk    2007-12-08 17:07:43 ET
so i went to pro photo today and found out that the world hates me and no longer produces 110 film. i guess there's ebay but i wanted instant gratification.
so we went to william temple house thrift store and i bought this cutie:

a sawyer nomad 127 format which is missing the bulb, but the shutter works like a dream. as far as i know they don't make 127 anymore but a nifty trick: you can clip 120 to fit into 127 cameras, or so i've been told.
johnny also picked up a super8 film projector (that works!) for only $30.
and then onto goodwill on burnside where i picked up a glow in the dark ouija board for 3 bux as well as this beast:

a polaroid 3000 land camera for 7 bucks. who knows if it works but it came with all the accessories and a few extra bulbs.

hooray for thrifting when i should be studying!

 sushi love    2007-12-07 14:29:51 ET

anyone who's been to pdx knows and LOVES takahashi, amirite?
affordable, delicious, and the special HOUSE SAUCE.
so tonight, i'm going out to sushi with johnny and josie and they both want sushiland. this is a democracy and therefore, i lose.

i'll live to eat takahashi another day.


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