finals start tomorrow
2007-12-10 18:44:24 ET

design and propaganda 8:00am
anatomy and movement 10:15am
sociology 12:30pm
interactive authoring 5:30pm

tonight will be aggressive studying tactics accompanied by a hearty bowl of tofu and rice.

who wants to take my anatomy final? LOADS of fun.

2007-12-12 20:18:27 ET

i took the worst of my finals today. i was awake for over 30 hours in preparation. i feel like a family of opossums was living in my head and just moved out.

2007-12-12 21:25:59 ET

30 hours?! what are you, a machine?
(how did you do?)

2007-12-12 21:52:58 ET

the pain and exhaustion indicates that i am not a machine. i think i did pretty well.

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