sushi love
2007-12-07 14:29:51 ET


anyone who's been to pdx knows and LOVES takahashi, amirite?
affordable, delicious, and the special HOUSE SAUCE.
so tonight, i'm going out to sushi with johnny and josie and they both want sushiland. this is a democracy and therefore, i lose.

i'll live to eat takahashi another day.

2007-12-07 18:12:04 ET

If I decide to take a trip to Portland next year you and I have a date...and thats final lol

2007-12-07 21:48:07 ET

you're on.

2007-12-07 22:00:22 ET

i wanna go and eat sushi

2007-12-07 23:28:39 ET

come to portland!

2007-12-08 19:13:49 ET

takahashi is damn awesome for sure.
a few of my damn awesome friends work there. WHOAH for the pdx hook-up exchange!!

sushiland is just damn lame with so many options in our fair city.

2007-12-08 20:35:32 ET

oh it's TRUE! gotta represent my town. ;)
the only good thing about sushiland is the gyoza.

what sushi joints have you eaten at?

2007-12-09 13:12:17 ET

Danny shall join us on our date...I've decided. We're all going on a sushi date.

2007-12-09 18:49:08 ET

sushi just brings people together.

2007-12-09 23:09:06 ET

you are opening something that I must go into indepth so be warned

Yoko's: fucking amazing not the best.... but damn up there.
Mio sushi: pretty darn good... go when you're near one.
sungari pearl: amazing, but over priced
Masu: for ambiance alone BADASS and a killer kampai (happy) hour. this is the place to go for an awesome night out with drinking and sushi.
Portland city grill: way over rated
todai: too mainstream, weird mall high endness.
Murata: FANCY but good. awesome place to take the parental units.

but. lady's and gentlemen... the undisputed champion of this one goes to: SABURO's!
Saburo's is an oft over looked nexus point of universal amazingness

what rain, coffee, beer and bars (not to mention other forms of entertainment venues *wink*) are to portland.... Saburo's is to sushi.

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