bang bang robbers and guns    2007-11-29 17:20:45 ET

lots of guitar hero.
lots of lounging around.
lots of fixed viruses.
lots of missing programs...
lots of tim & eric.
lots of glasscandy.
lots of getting dolled up for nothing.

i have to move my carrrrr! stupid street sweeping.

 johnny le is a klutz    2007-11-28 21:06:23 ET
most of the time, johnny is a mac user and i'm a pc kind'a gal. after work on monday i see my lap top is up and running a virus program. i'm like, "yo! did you use my laptop?" johnny's like, "ya. i just uh, needed to DL a program." i was like, "k. but it'd be nice if you asked me first, you know?" so anyway, i begin my usual internet routine of email, myspace, other email but it's going so fucking slow so i assume that he's sucking the bandwith so i ask, "you bittorrenting?" he says, "noo?" so i scope around and realize it's not just the internet, it's my entire OS running ridiculously SLUGGISH. and then i ask, "what program did you download?" he says, "final cut pro... but it didn't work." i say, "WHAT FILE TYPE?!?!?!?!?!?!" he says, ".exe?" x_x unknown .exe's = death sentence for pc users. now i have a xpdx.sys trojan and a few rookits two weeks away from finals. LIFE IS CRUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 blogging...    2007-11-25 21:20:48 ET
is back in my bones.

something was missing.
good ol' subkultures.

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