every day is like sunday    2006-09-07 18:17:21 ET
we're moving. i hate this. there are no beds left in the house and we still have until the 15th to move out. i think i'm just going to stay here in downtown for as long as i can.
i'm still under mummy and duddy's phone plan and the damn bitch refused to pay the bill this month so i'm phoneless. (god forbid!) it's crazy because i really don't understand how people lived before the internet or cell phones. i feel so out of touch and slightly nakie.

oh take me back to the start

 bon voyage    2006-07-31 17:01:30 ET
i will be leaving to england at 8:45am.
bye bye for a little bit. :)
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 hung over    2006-07-25 16:55:14 ET
fuck me. i puke more than anyone i know when i drink which is absurd since i'm half mexican and we all know how mexcians like to fiesta. ;) last night i spilled a little droplet of smirnoff on johnny's laptop and he freaked out. i was very drunk but i do remember him dashing out of my room then to the bathroom and banging shit around. how mature. i'm getting sick of his split personality and temper. he came back in my room after his little tantrum and didn't say anything to me so i slept in the bathroom where it was cool and i could puke my hearts content.

echo and i wanted to drive to the beach today but our other roomate is being a damp diaper about it and fell asleep on the floor. now echo's asleep and i'm thinking about playing some wind waker.

my to do list before i go to england:
1. break up with johnny
2. talk to the art institute about early registration for fall term
3. get back on birth control so i can do every boy in england
4. get my lenses for my camera
5. pack
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