storm    2006-11-12 20:13:23 ET
i adore stormy weather. i miss the coast.

i need to do my homework now.

 i was meant for the stage    2006-09-29 10:57:51 ET
and as i take my final bow, was there ever any doubt?

colin meloy of the decemberists playing at the oregon state fair. picture by me. :)

 peanut butter and crackers    2006-09-24 10:56:17 ET
all echo ever eats these days are peanuts and special k bars. her boyfriend is a great guy minus the fact he's always making fat jokes to her. she's about 5'4" and probably now weights 125-130 weight declining fast. i tried to talk to her and tell her she's crazy for doing that to herself but she just gets super pissed and tells me that she's considered overweight for her height and is chubby and, "she's fine with it." if she were in fact, 'fine with it,' she wouldn't be starving herself like an idiot and realize that she could have just about any person on this planet if she were just so inclined to want another person. this situation is fucked.
i'm very, very upset. i don't know how to make her feel like echo again.

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