just leave    2006-07-23 22:24:27 ET
i went for a walk tonight.
granted, it was very stupid for a 19 year old girl to be walking the big bad scary streets of downtown portland at 11pm, but i needed to be alone. honestly i hate the idea of being alone more than anything but echo is pushing me away and i don't know why. she's been my best friend and all i've really had for five years and now i suppose we're going seperate ways... or something? it's like something is getting between us and i really fucking hate that. whatever. (that's the spirit!)

fred meyer didn't approve of my leave of absence so i'll be taking that honorable discharge from the union. mmmmm, england.

 sofa king we todd ed    2006-07-11 15:44:57 ET
i've been so busy.

i finally got my passport and my tickets to england. i put in for my time off and if fred meyer doesn't approve, i quit.
i also got a graphics tablet and an extremly charming asian boy toy.
things are pretty good i guess.

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 uh-oh    2006-06-02 21:11:30 ET
so a small gathering of friends has snowballed into people who know people who are bringing people over. our apartment is SO entirely too small for this many people. there's noooooooooo where to sit! :(
good thing we have a lot of booze.

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