it's a wednsday night,    2006-05-24 19:55:03 ET
echo is playing text twist ro the right of me on our really hard and squeeky futon and i'm enjoying season one of aqua teen hunger force.
i think i love space cataz more than mochi ice cream balls.
(which is a whole heck of a lot.)


 bed head    2006-05-22 12:19:05 ET
Last night was like a fucking monsoon and sometime during my dreaming, the power went off disabling my alarm so I rolled out of bed at a very lazy one in the afternoon. I had plans to attempt my self promotion brochure for GD121 (due tomorrow,) but I don't own InDesign, so I'm fucked. I guess I could create it in Photoshop and import it but that would require motivation and right now I'm clearly in the middle of more important ... things... I haven't even taken a shower yet. I'm such a slob.

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