junk junk junk
2007-12-08 17:07:43 ET

so i went to pro photo today and found out that the world hates me and no longer produces 110 film. i guess there's ebay but i wanted instant gratification.
so we went to william temple house thrift store and i bought this cutie:

a sawyer nomad 127 format which is missing the bulb, but the shutter works like a dream. as far as i know they don't make 127 anymore but a nifty trick: you can clip 120 to fit into 127 cameras, or so i've been told.
johnny also picked up a super8 film projector (that works!) for only $30.
and then onto goodwill on burnside where i picked up a glow in the dark ouija board for 3 bux as well as this beast:

a polaroid 3000 land camera for 7 bucks. who knows if it works but it came with all the accessories and a few extra bulbs.

hooray for thrifting when i should be studying!

2007-12-08 17:43:03 ET


buy up

2007-12-08 22:43:35 ET

i'm on it. the only problem is i'll be at work in 12 hours.
time for some autobid action.

2007-12-08 23:49:48 ET

yo whats your instant mesage screenname im drunk and need somone to talk to. fucking sad right, i know.

2007-12-09 18:50:09 ET

all i have is msn!

2007-12-09 18:56:38 ET

BLeh, i got aim. I'm goin the fuck to bed.

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