six days
2007-12-19 14:32:25 ET

christmas you sneaky bastard. when the fuck did you become closer than just around the corner?
i've been too busy with being lazy to be bothered with anything but, well, being lazy. i've been playing some guitar hero and zelda here and there in between work but i still have a buttload of gift giving to purchase and a tiny amount in my checking.

2007-12-20 09:52:46 ET

Christmas snuck up on me also. Sucks cause I really need money to go towards a car than buying people gifts. Oh well.

2007-12-20 11:51:47 ET

dude yeah christmas time sucks.
i have to pay rent, i don't know what i'm gonna do.

2007-12-20 16:42:49 ET

Dont waste you time buying gifts if you got other things you NEED money for. It's not even cold here it's like 60 fucking degrees.

2007-12-22 19:17:29 ET

nah, i always figure something out.
i'll be just fine.

60 degrees?! lucky.

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