2007-04-27 08:38:38 ET

I made it. I am here. God, now I don't know what to do here. Gotta think on this one as I study the edit thingy.

2007-04-27 08:51:08 ET

Welcome to sk!

Please be warned, it is highly addictive.

2007-04-27 08:53:40 ET

Thank you. You are so sweet and what a beautiful name.

2007-04-27 09:00:00 ET

Welcome to SK!

2007-04-27 12:22:21 ET

welcome, n00b. :)

2007-04-27 15:28:02 ET


2007-05-02 23:13:37 ET

Welcome! How did you find out about SK?

2007-05-02 23:14:08 ET

btw, innerbeauty = t3h awesomeness!

2007-05-05 10:41:44 ET

Welcome to our pit of eternal peril...I mean ball pit, like at McDonalds...I always get the two confused.

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