2009-10-09 13:01:09 ET

I know I have written of this before but for some reason I find this unbelieveably funny. Adulterous, liars, cheaters, living off the population, vipers, people without honor or morality, manipulators and words I cannot even bring to the edge of my mind and probably should not write on here, are what they might be called. Yeah, in my opinion, and that more accurately describes SOME, if not many politicians. Yet, when dad burst out with STUPID HEADS and means all parties I cannot help but laugh. Stupid Heads! Perhaps, in the realm of thinking, that is really all they are. Stupid Heads! I have, however, had to remind him that it is really not appropriate to write a politician to let him know he is a Stupid Head. Laughter, how can we live without it?

2009-10-09 14:11:31 ET

at least it wasn't "dummy head" lol

2009-10-14 19:02:30 ET

Or "doody-face"

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