Back on Tract    2009-04-06 06:37:02 ET
So ive decided for like the 1,000th time that im going to get my life back on tract. Start doing things the right way. Start eating right, exercising, spending more time with my kids. This time im going to do it right. Things are never going to go my way if i dont change my life around.

 Whats up?    2009-04-01 10:27:52 ET
Does anyone know whats going on with the avatars? Everytime i view mine from the main page its a different picture, and i think that some of the others are doing the same thing.

Maybe its a April Fools Prank?

 Hello    2009-03-29 09:32:31 ET
Hi, everyone

Im new to and just wanted to take a minute to tell everyone hello. Ive been busy lately so i havent been able to be online much but hopefully im going to get my page up and running soon.


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