Greetings.    2005-07-14 06:54:05 ET
I just found this site and I'm very surprised I've never found it before.
If you've ever seen Wings of Desire you'll recall that one of the angels keeps a notebook listing interesting and beautiful things he encounters each day. I've always wanted such a journal. I have a livejournal account which started out that way but as I met more real life livejournal users it slowly evolved into more of a method of narrating what was going on in my life. I hope this can be a fresh start.
I'm writing this mission statement of sorts for my own benefit because I need such outlines to keep me on track. Apart from the aforementioned lists I hope to discuss inspiring artwork and music, as well as chronicle my own artistic creations. Perhaps this way I will be able to make friends based not only on location but on interests. I seem to have forgotten that I can make long distance friends and would probably benefit from a larger pool of people. Though it sounds corny, I literally have the world at my fingertips.

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