Excuse my use of language.
2004-11-29 19:56:44 ET

I'm gonna jerk off to this every day. Who the fuck wouldn't?

2004-11-29 13:02:49 ET

Live After Death or Beast Over Hammersmith?

Beast Over Hammersmith seems to win out from what I've heard on the broken mp3s off of usenet.

Your thoughts, please.
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2004-11-28 19:24:19 ET

I actually finished EE homework. Now, lets see what I could with this OS project.

The Doors
2004-11-27 23:08:10 ET

Who wants to have a discussion on how cool the LA Woman album is? IM me at CountMech

What's going on these days.
2004-11-26 15:54:16 ET

I've been at work more and more lately. Life seems more busy now that I'm working while taking classes. Mind you, I'm not working as much as other college students during the semester but I still feel I've made some progress.

Up until now, I've been doing CAD drawings, office LAN setup and assembling the office equipment. (I'm an admin!) Today, the boss introduced me to pipe stress analysis and modeling. Needless to say, fun stuff. (Humor me, please.) I've also enjoyed watching the growth of this new business.
The commute to and from work is a hoot. I get to watch all the mall rats on the way back from work. (The bus stops at the mall, son of a bitch, eh?)

I also wear a different disguise now. Don't be fooled ladies by the yuppie at the party having a beer with the rest of the yups. He listens to "ROCK MUSIC!"

So much much shit due next week. Shouldn't leave the house this weekend.

Priest rules!


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