Pretty Fancy I imagine
2004-10-03 16:40:58 ET


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I also imagine that it's time for a drink.

2004-10-02 08:25:16 ET

Got to keep running...
Stormbringer coming...


Hey Chris!
2004-09-30 13:58:32 ET

Do you still get that problem with your thumb? It happens to me when I play with the classical.

Fuck it! WARNING: every sentence may start with 'I'
2004-09-30 07:15:57 ET

I overslept getting to my first class on time so I decided to oversleep my second class as well. I don't think I'm going to math either. I'm not really satified with going to school two hours before one class just to study. God knows I'll just end up attempting to clear up logistical issues such as locker renewels, student account payments and bullshitting with friends. Missing EE because I couldn't get there on time might make sense but missing CS is another story. I need to catch up with that class to keep up with it's discussion.

In related news, I worked yesterday! The boss had me setup three machines to do various things. Mostly word processing, file sharing and the like. He even drove me to school which I had to really appreciate. I was a bit surprised with his ekeltic taste in music (*ahem* KROCK). He's a guy that's been to so many Deep Purple shows, played gigs since he was 14 and even released some records. He's a civil engineer by trade in case you were wondering.

After I got to school, there came a the part of the day where I just messed around bullshitting. EE recitation only happens everyother week so I only had math to deal with.

Data Analysis is a bitch of a class. I'm so very-very behind with it. I'll end up spending the whole weekend catching up with it. Sorry Chris, I can't make it to the Sunoco gig.

2004-09-28 14:04:29 ET

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