Window in time,
2004-05-11 08:36:13 ET

...through it I fly

Mum's day.
2004-05-09 08:46:41 ET

I luv me mum. I hope you all luv you mums today too.

Power Outage!
2004-05-07 05:05:11 ET

tetesuro@arcadia:~$ uptime
9:59AM up 2:26, 1 user, load averages: 0.49, 0.26, 0.15

As reported by the daily output as of 3:15AM this morning

up 237 days, 7:01, 0 users, load averages: 0.06, 0.16, 0.23

Could've made it to a year if I was running a UPS. Well, atleast everything came back up without much fuss.

2004-05-04 19:26:17 ET

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We Watch The Children Pray
2004-05-02 12:30:14 ET

Woke up at eight this morning to help friend Jacob with Eagle service project. It was good to get out and do some good work. Looks like I'll be sleeping good tonight. Came home, made myself a hell of a burger(s) and now I chill. I should probably returen Bob's call. My brother Ron was on the phone with Bob for a while before Ron ended it.

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