2003-07-23 09:40:12 ET

Hey, what does everyone think of Overkill, I think they really are "Overkill" They should stop the phony strobe light bullshit, tune that bass properly and write songs that sound a bit different from each other.

Soon to come, Rushsuro. What do you all think of KISSsuro?

2003-07-23 09:41:25 ET

oh.. heh. YEa. he rawks some sawks

2003-07-23 09:57:41 ET

RUSH is some GOOD stuff. KISSsuro is cool..haha

2003-07-23 11:56:29 ET

I concur, Rush is the best band ever! I'm glad you like KISSsuro. Also stay tuned for EMOsuro!!!, maybe not.

2003-07-23 13:11:20 ET

haha... yeah, I'd stay away from EMOsuro.

2003-07-23 13:22:31 ET

Gedsuro rules.

2003-07-23 13:27:15 ET

Why, thank you. I always wanted to make him but I always thought of the complications with the thick glass frames. Its still not perfect but its still Gedsuro!

2003-07-26 08:47:50 ET

for the record, rush sucks. :P

2003-07-26 11:26:00 ET

Only to pop music listening mortals! :P

2003-07-27 14:01:27 ET

and to industrial chixors.

2003-07-27 14:04:09 ET

Actually, alot of industrial artists/fans hold their influence towards Rush.

2003-07-28 06:28:32 ET

i honestly dont' understand that......the guy's voice is grating...i mean the guitarist is ok but the singer basically ruins the band.

2003-07-28 09:57:47 ET

Everyone always tells me that! People are shallow these days (nothing against you of course). Listen to "Farewell to Kings", thats where the voice kinda fits in. ...and don't forget those drums. Neil Peart is probably the best drummer in the genre of rock and I'm not just saying that cause I'm a rush fan. Chances are you only heard two songs and thought the voice/music was... eh. I kinda thought the same thing until I heard stuff thats never been played on the radio.

2003-07-28 10:06:07 ET

overkill -blow
rush -is clasic
kiss -so cute and cudely

2003-07-28 10:18:56 ET

Welle: Erdball is the same way. The 80's-like synthpop and electronc is good, but Honey can't sing for shit. The songs with synthesized speech sound better than him.

2003-08-03 08:25:59 ET

oooooooh, now i gt it, you were talking about your picture thingies...they rule, man!

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