Fun times!
2003-08-07 22:38:44 ET

I met Miss Olson at this evening to discuss Business. We exchanged business cards and I had the opportunity to post more of my flyers all over the world! We ate at this nice cozy/tasty mexican place and talked about the world at large. After food, we went off to look for some spiky things! She looked great in some of these spikey things but they were too pricey. I found a cool bullet braclet but that would've set me back almost 30 bux! The cheaper place was closed.
After a trip to Duane Reade, we parted at the 14th street station. I think it was all cut short by the darn-diddly-yarn rain but still fun times!

On the ferry ride home, I noticed this dude in a nyc2600 shirt (Burgundy color). He used to goto the meetings up until 9/11/01 for about year before that and even knew of my good friend (Conspiracy) Bob. The man went by the handle "Biohazard"

Biohazard even told me about his situation of installing gentoo on a mac. I gave him my cards (including yours Christina) and I hope he keeps in touch.

2003-08-07 22:42:59 ET

Hah! I bet that's the same guy I met on the ferry last week. Was he a big Venezuelan guy with a thick hispanic accent?

2003-08-07 22:47:48 ET

Actually, yea. that's definately him. I remember talking to him about Gentoo and his Mac, and then I remembered the email he sent the next day where he mentioned the mac troubles.

2003-08-07 22:52:45 ET

Oh yeah! I told him about you too! I'm surprised he didn't mention you first! Nuts!

2003-08-09 07:08:50 ET

oh hey.....i think hot topic sells bullet bracelets for much less.....and if we can find one in the city i have a frequent buyers card :P

2003-08-09 07:33:58 ET

I see, that'd be mad so c00l!

2003-08-09 08:41:22 ET

yeah call me tonight if ya wanna go to batcave....there's gonna be some of my friends and i've heard some random SK people shall be there as well...i get off work at 6, let me know what time you wanna meet or whatever...

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