Being X... treme.
2003-08-18 07:48:38 ET

I'm just taking this moment to tell everyone that I'm so Xtreme! ...not to mistaken with extreme, thats an understatment.

2003-08-18 07:55:38 ET

Totally radical, to the max.

2003-08-18 08:00:14 ET

how are you Xtreme exacly?

2003-08-18 08:05:55 ET

"Oh god I am the American dream,
I do not think I'm too XTREME.
And I'm a handsome sonofabitch,
Gonna get a good job and be real rich..."

2003-08-18 08:19:23 ET

Think of it this way. Bob as in Conspiracy Bob as in Bob Brown as in "Bobby Brown" Now, think of this the next time you see the man.

2003-08-18 08:29:02 ET

oh man. I never even made that connection. I'll have to ask him how Freddy's doing next time I see him.

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