M4D CH1X III (A Dangerous Meeting)
2003-11-09 19:00:27 ET

Please stick with my long post. I havent been successful (comment wise) with my other long post but I don't get a chance to update much so I really can't avoid long post. Just pick one paragraph and take it to mind. You don't even have to comment.

The weekend started off on friday with my submission of physics lab report number 4. I didn't even bother to goto any classes that day cause I'm sick of useless recitations that teach me nothing.

On friday evening, I embarked on another pilgrimege to lamours. I got there by eightish.

I didn't find any of my friends either. I looked all over! I did meet this guy named Davey. I knew his face from the bus I ride on the Island. He's an alright guy! Didn't catch him after the show as planned.

Its official! Lamours is a bad place to meet chix! I spent the whole night just checking out the babes but they were with guys. If they're not with guys, they're just too bitchy to handle.

Well, I was patient enough not to waste my energy on the crap opening bands. The openers were so crap that looking for my friends was the best excuse for walking away from whatever was playing.

As for the band? King Diamond was the man I came to see. It was a transcental experience that I will treasure forever, just like Maiden, Rush...

KD has the coolest stage show starring Grandma, the Puppet, Abigail, Mariam. YES, he had people dress up as these characters.

I was stuck in the pit for this show. I needed a good spot and that was it. Not off to the side and behind the railings (as usual) but in the pit, close to the king himself! The pit was "xtreme" and now my boots need to get... SHINE! Yes (Mitch, listen carefully), not chux but boots are definitly a must for a show like that.

I had an interesting converstation with this dude on the way home. Just because of this random drunken conversation (him, not me), I now must read the gunslinger by Stephen King and get two revolvers.

Yesterday, I went to Barnes and Nobles to buy the new Rush in Rio dvd. I also got the new 2600 mag. I wanted to somehow meet females there but that wasn't in the cards. I made plans to see Kill Bill with parents later in the evening.

Kill Bill was great but my dad hated it because it didn't have much of a "story". My dad loves the other 4 ta..tino (spelling) movies but this one wasn't up to his standards.

Today, I went to a new cousin's christening party on Hylan blvd (near enamon's house, should've planned on stopping by) Yeah, the whole thing looked like a Joey G film. Any Staten Islander would know what I'm talking about.

Now, back to math or cs homework. All due tomorrow at 6pm, shit0rs. Oh, and I got a six (out of 36) on that cs midterm. Fux0rs!

2003-11-09 19:05:09 ET

tarantino. i havent seen kill bill yet, but im so broke i dont think i'll be seeing movies anytime soon. (i paid $30 for me and 2 friends to go to see matrix3. fucking midtown theaters. the two of them owe me big time.)

2003-11-09 19:12:44 ET

Yeah, I think the theaters on the island are just about the same price. Well, Kill Bill was worth it! How was Mat 3?

2003-11-09 20:13:46 ET

mat 3 was good. weird, but good.

you will find that elusive mad chixie! do not give up!

2003-11-09 20:18:37 ET

Hmm, Charlie's been mentioning King Diamond lately. I might have to check them out.

Boots good for pit, stomp many human to death. Also break bones of humans legs and feet!

I still haven't seen Kill Bill.

2003-11-09 20:28:01 ET

mad chixie... must add this too my subset of catch phrases. Thanks Skymosh, you're mad chixie!

Mitch, did Charlie goto that show? I thought I might've seen him (or someone like him) there. King Diamond is great and thanks to usenet, I have tons (if not all) of his albums.

2003-11-09 20:39:12 ET

Nope, Charlie was at work on Friday.

2003-11-10 18:36:46 ET

Try hanging out by the girls bathroom and look for bi chicks.

Or better yet, start your own band.

2003-11-10 20:55:14 ET

i was invited to the king diamond show but chose to go to 2600 instead. this friend of mine seems to go to all the metal shows you do. and if you do start that band, can i be in it? i'll help you pick up cute bi chix ;) (takes one to get one :P )

2003-11-11 07:01:33 ET

You really should've went to the show. I would've contacted you about the tickets myself but I didn't think KD would be in your defined taste. King Diamond's music is filled with gothic themes but I don't think you would like his singing (kinda the reason you don't like Rush or Sabbath so much).

Tell me more about this friend of yours.

Our band would be called ..... and I'll play as lead/rhythem guitar and maybe vocals (depending on how my vocal audition sits with the rest of yous) You can play as second guitar (I understand you have some guitar skills.) and Enamon could be bass.

2003-11-11 17:15:54 ET

i can also sing and program, so i could mix and finish the music if you needed. and be a second vocalist as long as everyone gives me permission to sing :P

my friend is a metalhead from long island, his name is nick. i went to the type O show at lamours with him.

2003-11-11 18:05:10 ET

Does he h4x0r?

2003-11-11 19:13:40 ET

nah he's just a suburban kid.

2003-11-11 21:53:21 ET

oooh! he was a cutie. :)

2003-11-11 21:55:06 ET

oh dear.

2003-11-11 21:56:38 ET

but you were cuter! ;)

2003-11-12 06:08:35 ET


2003-11-12 22:53:59 ET

I could also play keyboard sometimes. And I do mean sometimes. I never actually learned how to play anything so my skills rely greatly on the tides of fate. I'm trying to remedy that with the bass right now but as for the iveny keys...

I could probably sing too with some practice.

2003-11-15 12:31:49 ET


king diamond! saw him in LA back in 2000 or 2001...he is the man...I didn't meet any chicks at that show either haha...

I'll play 3rd guitar in your band too if you want..Janick Gers style LOL...or i'll sing...I've always wanted to be a true frontman!!!!!!! As long as we can cover "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by The Darkness!!! RAWK!

2003-11-15 14:35:13 ET

the only thing the darkness should be covered with is a coffin lid and dirt.

that said i will now go home and play the mp3 i have of that song.

2003-11-15 17:21:29 ET

I never actually heard anything from that band.

2003-11-16 09:17:50 ET

Oh dude....they're the funniest thing I've ever heard...They sound like the scorpions with Freddie Mercury singing...Only way cheesier. You gotta check it yo

2003-11-22 18:34:36 ET

I just found their Permission to Land album. "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" sounds sorta Weezerish. The first track on the album kicks ass!

2003-11-23 12:12:39 ET

Dude, "get your hands off of my woman" is the best haha

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