My books are ready!
2003-11-14 18:29:37 ET

7 Item being held - MAIL The gunslinger / 29 NOV 03

I was told by a fellow follower of King Diamond to get this book. Us four strangers were on the train on the way home when he kept referring to two revolvers. Never got the man's name but I believe he has influenced me for life!!! ...or for the extent of time that I read this book.

8 Item being held - MAIL Dune messiah. 29 NOV 03

The second in the Dune series, looking very foward to the events held within.

As you can all see, when the tetesuro san isn't busy with M4D CH1X, he's busy with M4D B00X. Much thanks goes to Geordi Laforge and his Reading Rainbow. "Just take a look! Its in a book! its reading Rainbow... reading rainbow..."

I will make my pilgrimage to the library tomorrow. Seriously, I'm all bummed out for doing social things for the next month. I need to be back on track with school and being a nerd.

2003-11-14 19:03:03 ET

I could have gotten a copy of Gunslinger at work today for free. The covers had been ripped off a bunch of books and they were in a shopping cart in front of the trash compactor. But from the looks of it, Gunslinger is several parts, in several books. I think anyway.

2003-11-14 20:32:25 ET

hah, word on the last part. collegework is a pain to catch up on, but all work and no play can drive one insane. it's all a horribly delicate balance that must be maintained somehow....if only i knew how....haha

2003-11-15 01:00:18 ET

i remember when i used to watch reading rainbow.

i remember when i used to read.

god damn it. i need a library card.

2003-11-15 06:35:03 ET

Yeah, Gunslinger is book one of the Dark Tower trilogy. I was actually thinking of buying Gunslinger and the Dune book when I was at B&N last week but I don't feel like spending a gazillion dollers on such things as books.

And yes, college sux0rs. It all comes down to locking yourself in your room for a semester at a time. But I think I have everything set up a little differently this semester for sanity's sake.

Remember Dara, its in a book, just take a look... its??? Yeah, just get a lib card.

2003-11-16 00:28:11 ET

I <3 my library card.

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