Triple H0, Merry Christmas! Whitesnake rules!
2003-12-24 20:17:50 ET

Me and my family celebrated on saturday. I gave my mother Opeth CDs (If she digs Rammstein, she'll dig Opeth) and her very own copy of "The Poison Wood Bible" My dad got some random political books. Since then, I visited Mitch at his neihborhood Pathmark location to apply for a bakery position.
Yesterday, I hung out in the village with my pal Leo where I scoured the stores for a "Batlord" shirt. None were found.
I met Matt and Alex at the 14th street virgin megastore where there was no cheap CDs to be found. Yes, I know they're cheaper in the village. We also ended up at this Union Sqaure holiday sale thingy. There were these flying saucer things that float that they were selling. I was arguing with some lady on the matter of when could you possibly find the time to refill those things with helium. She told me that there was helium at the food imporium. Quite interesting.
I also checked my grades! I gotta a C in that shitty Computer Architecture class. The pepperidge farm man is a mercyful fellow. It also seems that I will repeat Differential Equations but not during my break.

2003-12-24 20:18:40 ET

merry christmas . <3

2003-12-24 20:21:42 ET

your parents rock, my dad was complaining to me about me wanting to take a comparative politics class next semester, he thinks spanish class is more important. ickth

2003-12-24 20:26:00 ET

<3 Pixi!

I hated Spanish in highschool! Thank god I goto an EG school where second languages are only spoken, not taught.

2003-12-24 21:08:34 ET

Merry Christmas ! ! Have a good one !

2003-12-24 22:11:26 ET

merry christmas dearie. :)

2003-12-24 23:07:42 ET

Merry Christmas my dear. <3

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