Rush is the bestest band ever!
2003-12-26 09:54:28 ET

They're playing "A show of Hands" on VH1 Classics! Rush rules! As others have said, that is all.

2003-12-26 10:28:07 ET

Man, Rush was a re-run today cuz he's on Xmas vacation...Oh, you meant the band...oops. =D

2003-12-26 21:20:45 ET

The three Canadian Gods: beer, hocky, and Rush

2003-12-27 16:18:36 ET

I used my one and only Rush cd for a coaster.

2003-12-27 16:49:13 ET

Thats sad! Which album?

2003-12-27 16:50:31 ET

haha, wish i could tell you. Dont know.

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