If you don't want to be bothered, stick with Krap-za!
2004-01-15 09:13:15 ET

14:01 -!- Irssi: Starting query in Undernet with |Amina|82
14:01 <|Amina|82> r u there???
14:01 <tetesuro> WTF?!
14:01 <tetesuro> Yes, I'm here.
14:02 <|Amina|82> yeah hello
14:02 <tetesuro> Hi
14:02 -!- |Amina|82 [~Anuma_77@]
14:02 -!- ircname : SabrinaAlone_27
14:02 -!- channels : #mp3friends #balcescu #crazyppl #craiova #constanta
#mp3latino #Pico +#armonic #mondongo #mortal
14:02 -!- server : *.undernet.org [The Undernet Underworld]
14:02 -!- End of WHOIS
14:03 <|Amina|82> so wat do u do then?
14:03 <tetesuro> I goto college but I'm off for the break currently.
14:04 <|Amina|82> hey just rememberd dat ive got a pict, wana see it?
14:04 <tetesuro> What do you do? It's a surprised to be messaged randomly.
14:04 <tetesuro> sure
14:05 <|Amina|82> ok here is my picture jus double click on it
http://allaboutme.ebreaze.com check it out.. tell me what you
think ok?
14:05 <tetesuro> Still loading...
14:06 <tetesuro> mine.com?
14:06 <tetesuro> explain
14:06 <|Amina|82> i'm busy now chat to u later, bye for now!
14:06 <tetesuro> haha, ok.

I'm not sure what that link to the *.com file is all about (*a hem* VIRUS!) but I'll put it through the ol'dosemu very soon.

2004-01-15 11:08:00 ET

Sounds like you got /msg'ed by a spamming IRC bot.

2004-01-15 16:24:00 ET

Yeah, they seem pretty convincing though.

2004-01-15 20:10:01 ET

that's pretty interesting. scary, but interesting. when will the spam bots develop consciousness?

2004-01-17 11:33:00 ET

I'm always afraid my computer has a virus.

(yes i will be your soulmate in chucks)

2004-01-17 13:20:54 ET

Y0WZER! Yay!!! *Kisses* <3

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