Metrosexual Part 1
2004-02-03 21:32:31 ET

I spiked my hair today... with gel and everything. Stay tuned.

2004-02-03 21:33:45 ET



2004-02-04 08:45:40 ET

I think photographic evidence is needed

2004-02-04 10:45:56 ET

No gel!!

you need TEH GLUE!!!!!!!!!!

2004-02-04 19:29:19 ET

TEH GLUE??? lemme see if I can find my bro's digi cam...

2004-02-05 15:49:06 ET

got 2 b glued baby. that is the best shit.

2004-02-07 15:23:41 ET

ooo i agree with otherwiseanalytic photographic evidence IS needed

2004-02-07 15:28:21 ET

... it goes up to dscn2954 I believe. I'm sorry, I couldn't fix up the directory permissions so that you could just browse everything that's there.

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