2004-06-24 14:08:53 ET

It's funny how many of the rivet like items listed on ebay (studded belts, jackets, etc...) are described as "EMO"

too far out...

2004-06-24 14:14:53 ET

really? any thoughts on why?

2004-06-24 14:28:44 ET

Because, anything that's described as "EMO" "Goth" or "Metal" is seen as appealing by the tools that surf ebay. Thus, it sells! Some items are even listed as coming from Hot Topic. If that isn't cool, I don't know what is. *sarc*

2004-06-24 14:55:08 ET

scenester scumme

2004-06-24 17:11:33 ET

My grandfather told me that back in the early 40's, when we Soviets were fighting the Nazi scourge, German issued jackboots were nicknamed "Emo" by us Russians. Soon this evolved into us calling the entire of Nazi Germany "Emo".

2004-06-24 22:10:38 ET


2004-06-26 00:24:09 ET

there is tons of stuff on ebay listed as "ROCKABILLY EMO NEW WAVE GOTH PUNK"

and that nazi-emo reply is an amazingly fun fact

2004-07-05 17:41:47 ET

I love how ebay tends to pile 5 diffrent genres together like what year to be hated mentioned "rockabilly emo new wave goth punk" or "punk rock vintage eclectic new wave".

its amazing.

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