Well, it wasn't a dream and I didn't cuss
2004-08-17 20:34:08 ET

Now, solve the following differential equation:

tx' = 4x + t^4

Hop to it friends!

2004-08-17 20:38:44 ET

x = why

Get it? Ha ha ha.

2004-08-17 20:48:14 ET

I hate math...algebra...whatever they're calling it these days.

2004-08-18 01:44:02 ET


2004-08-18 16:44:44 ET

x = t^4*ln(t)
x' = 4*t^3*ln(|t|)+t^3

First, I solve for x' by dividing the DE by t.

Then, I solve for the forceing function t^3

t^3 = x' - (4/t)*x

Then, I find the integrating factor u(t) = e^(int(4/t))


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